When I was creating Snapshot Storyteller, I was obsessed with making sure the website was perfect. While true perfection doesn’t exist, I try to get as close to perfection as I can.

Correction: Tried.

Something I learned about perfection is 'close to perfection' doesn't exist either.

After figuratively hitting the wall several times, I switched my mindset  & focused on things being functional and presentable. The site could look pretty, but if I didn’t have a contact page or social media information, what’s the point?

The best thing about Snapshot Storyteller is that this is a process. I’m always learning and making adjustments as I learn. Whatever you’re creating, be kind to yourself. Don’t wait until you have the “perfect” tools, work environment, time frame, etc. Start where you are with whatever you have.

You can improve as you go, but you have to start in order to improve.

Until next time,