The Story Length Struggle

Story length is one of those storytelling components I obsess over. How long (or short) should it be? Should you stick to established word count or go rogue? Will anyone read it if it’s too long or too short? Word count charts are helpful. Articles on the importance of word counts are also helpful. But…

Snapshot Storyteller: To Outline...or Nah? -- I had to figure out a way to write stories that would allow me the freedom to write as I go while still having some sort of structure. I think I finally figured it out. | www.snapshotstoryteller.com #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOn

To Outline…or Nah?

I have a love/hate relationship with outlining. As a creative, I love the freedom of creating a story as I go. I start with a fragment of a story idea and work it out as I go. Then there’s college (shudders). Years of academic papers stressed the importance of structure that¬†outlines provide. To make things…

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