Snapshot Storyteller | "How I Use Evernote as a Writer" | Nothing sucks more than to forget an idea. Having a system to record ideas, lists, notes, etc. is crucial for writers. | www.snapshotstoryteller.com #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOn

How I Use Evernote as a Writer

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Here’s the scene: Inspiration strikes. It’s a pretty awesome idea. At the moment, you’re unable to flush the idea out. You grab the back of a receipt to jot down the idea. But then…you lose the receipt. There are no words to describe all of the good ideas that…

Snapshot Storyteller | "How I Create Character Names" | I'm sharing a few of my tried and true methods for creating character names on the blog. | www.snapshotstoryteller.com #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOn

How I Create Character Names

One thing I struggle with as a writer is creating character names. It’s probably difficult because I usually start with the plot of the story first and then input the characters’ names later. Anyway, since this is such a struggle for me, I wanted to share with you how I create character names. Make Them…

Snapshot Storyteller: My Favorite Twitter Accounts for Writers -- As a writer, I'm always appreciative of good writing resources. Twitter is a great resource for writers and I'm sharing a few of my favorite accounts with you. I hope you find them as useful as I do. | www.snapshotstoryteller.com #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOn

My Favorite Twitter Accounts for Writers

Twitter is one of the best free resources on the internet. Writers from newbies to veterans will find the website While scrolling through my timeline, I got the idea to share some of my favorite Twitter accounts for writers. Enjoy! Writer’s Digest (@WritersDigest) If there’s one Twitter account that you should follow, it’s Writer’s Digest. Like…

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