Inspiration is my favorite part of storytelling. I’m inspired by so much and many of my inspirations are quite random. Since you can never be over-inspired, I wanted to share some of my sources of inspiration with you. Enjoy!


The conflict, emotion, and character development of well-executed TV shows and movies inspire me. A character can say or do something that will have me reaching for a sticky note, scrap piece of paper, or my phone to jot it down for future use.

Social media

Twitter and Instagram are my favorite social media platforms. I find them very entertaining and full of inspiration. Both platforms feature conflict, feel-good posts, random questions/observations, and much more that may inspire characters, plots, etc.

people watching

People watching is my favorite past time. It’s free (unless I want a beverage and/or snacks) and entertaining. I post up at a location with lots of foot traffic (coffee shop, outdoor sitting area, etc.), take out my notebook and pen & just watch folks come and go. I jot down notes about the people that catch my eye in my notebook. What I observe may become future characters and/or plots.

Those are my three favorite sources of inspiration. I’d love to know what inspires you as a writer and/or a creative. Let’s talk about it in the comments and/or social media.

Write On,