Snapshot Storyteller | "5 Instagram Accounts for Logophiles" | #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOnMy love of words began with spelling tests as a kid. The list of words would be given out on Monday. I loved learning how to spell the words that were now part of my lexicon. As an adult, I still enjoy learning new words. Thanks to Instagram, I have found new ways to expand my lexicon & I’m sharing them below. Enjoy!


If you like to learn words that make you feel things, @northern.lightz is a definite follow. The account features really pretty words like coruscate, jamais vu, and kalon.


One of my favorite things I like about @dictionarycom is in addition to sharing new words, they also share fun facts. Do you know what a purlicue is?


@merriamwebster has been a part of my life since I was a wee one. They post a daily word of the day, which not only introduces you to unfamiliar words (like brummagem) but also reacquaints you with words you know (like scrumptious).


Writing has its stressful moments and @grammarly is here to bring the wordplay (this is not sponsored, btw) with inspirational quotes and humor.


@wordsofworth posts are friendly reminders to be good to ourselves (see here and here). IYou can never have enough of those kinds of reminders, right?

I hope you found some new Instagram accounts to follow. If there are Instagram accounts that bring out your inner word geek, share!

Write on,