One thing I’m conscious of when writing a story is how the story starts. For example, I don’t like a  slow start to a story because it makes it hard for me to retain interest.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to begin a story. I hope you find them useful. Enjoy!

Begin in the middle

This draws the reader into the middle of the action. You want the reader to wonder how the character(s) got to this point and what’s yet to come. Character backstory can be provided as brief flashback scenes throughout the story and/or whole chapters.

Begin with a conversation or internal thought 

If I begin a story with a conversation or internal thought, it’s likely that the conversation was the inspiration for the story. The conversation will introduce the reader to the main character(s) and give them ideas on what the possible plot may be.

Begin with the end

Starting a story with the ending is like a puzzle. The reader wants to know who’s involved, what’s their story, how did the ending happen, etc. As one continues to read, more information is revealed. The tricky part is making sure that the rest of your story ties into the ending.

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