The moment your writing tool touches paper, you’re a writer.

Snapshot Storyteller is an unglamorous and unconventional look into my writing journey that I hope will inspire you to begin and stay on yours.

Snapshot Storyteller is not about writing tips or grammar judgment.

Snapshot Storyteller motivates those, like myself, who have heard “no” so many times that they forge their own paths. I’m here to remind you to start where you are with what you have.

Who am I?

I’m Joy. I’m a writer sharing her thoughts and creative processes & fan of craft beer who resides in Richmond, VA. I’m a forever student of the writing craft with the appropriate education behind me. I don’t believe in withholding knowledge from others. If I’m learning, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you. Ain’t nobody got time to hoard information! #AmIRight

At Snapshot Storyteller, you’ll find inspiration, monthly writing prompts, short stories, and insight into my storytelling process. I’m here to take the lonely out of writing by providing encouragement and inspiration.

What now?

Subscribe, duh! And then send me an email at contact@snapshotstoryteller.com to say hey and let me know what you’re working (or not!) on.

Writing is a lifetime adventure and as a writer, you’ll get better with experience. I promise!