“Everyone gets to see you at your best. When you’re feeling good. When the money is good. When your shit is together. Soon as all that goes left, where are they? I’ll tell you. Nowhere. And you end up here. Broke and broken.”

Bryan’s voice cracks.

I am ALWAYS here Lizbeth! Giving you advice. Hugging you when things fall apart. But you won’t give me a chance. Do you know how it feels to constantly hear about your relationships? All I want is for you to see me as more than your confidant.”

She stood in front of him, tears welling in her eyes. All these years…all these years she had been clueless. Bryan was validated for feeling the way he felt. But his tone…his tone was not only out of character, but it was hurtful. 

When she cried about the man she wanted in her life, Bryan countered with the characteristics of the man she needed. She recognized those characteristics in him but she never considered him. Bryan was her best friend. She loved him as her friend. He was her family.

She stepped away from her thoughts. Bryan was looking at her, waiting for a response. 

“Bryan, I’m sorry. All this time…”

He hugged her before she could finish.

“Look. I’m not sorry for what I said. I am sorry for how I said it to you. I care about you too much to lose you because I was rude.”

She smiled.

“Apology accepted,” she whispered.

“Can we have a convo redo?”

Lizbeth nods.

“All those times I told you that you deserved more, I meant me. I’m that guy. I’ve loved you since the day I met you. I can repair your heart…and your wallet.”

She chuckled at the last part. As an accountant, he can fix her wallet. She opened her mouth to respond but her alarm went off.

“Sonofabitch!” She yelled, throwing her clock across the room.

Groggy, she gets out of bed, regretting last night’s heavy drinking. She stares at her dress  hanging on her closet door. She fought back the tears.

You blew your chance. Go support your friend.