Snapshot Storyteller: Feeling Stuck? -- Getting stuck is part of the writing journey. I'm sharing a simple, but difficult way I deal with feeling stuck. | #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOnEver have a moment when you have an idea or concept that’s really good? You’re all excited to get started so you grab some supplies, maybe a beverage and/or snack, and hunker down. Things are coming along. You have a few things written down (or typed out) and then things start to slow down.

No big deal. This happens. Keep working.

You carry on, making a solid effort to work through this roadblock. Nothing is working. Frustration is setting in. This is too good of an idea to abandon. What do you do?

Walk away.

Give yourself a much-needed break from the idea or concept. Watch some TV, listen to some music, get out of the house, or take a nap.

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