I have a bunch of unfinished stories and projects stashed away in Evernote and Google Docs.



I start off strong. I’ll focus on one thing, scheduling time to work on it each day. I’ll make progress, but that progress will come to a halt.

I got an idea.

This idea had nothing to do what I was working on. This idea is something fresh and exciting. I’ll brain dump my thoughts regarding this new idea so I won’t lose it. This is where I should shift my focus back to what I was initially working on.

But I never shift my focus back.

Instead, that initial idea gets filed in Evernote or Google Docs with all the others. And the cycle begins again.

This happens and it will continue to happen until we make a conscious effort to finish what we start. I want to share these ideas with you, but I need to finish my work in order to share it right?

While I’m all for being gentle with ourselves and our writing journeys, we need to be diligent with getting to the finish line. I hope this post is the nudge you need to remind yourself that you must finish what you start.

Write On,




Edited 8/13/19