“First” is a series that tells the story of a character having a first experience without someone they cared about in their life. 

I left work today. Like left-left work. Never going back. Pink-slipped myself. Couldn’t take it anymore. Remember when I told you that I was given this huge project that would give me a huge raise if I pulled it off? I blew it out the water!! You probably aren’t surprised, right?

Anyway, I blew them away with the project. Got all of the pats on the back and “good jobs”. I asked my supervisor about my raise and she told me that my raise would be contingent on the upcoming budget.

That was the last straw. I left her office, went back to my desk, grabbed my purse and left. On the way out the door, I handed my badge to the security guard. I’m so tired of being overworked and unappreciated.

I really wish you were here so you could hug me. I want to hear you tell me I’ll be okay, even though I don’t have a plan. Missing you like crazy now. I hope I made the right decision. Pray for me Dad.

Going to bed now. See you in my dreams.