The other day I realized…Nah, scratch that. It wasn’t the other day. It was every single day for the last year. Yeah…much better. Back then, I realized that this…this thing you and I have together…whatever this is isn’t working.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy by no means, but I also knew that it wasn’t supposed to be a struggle. When I was younger, I thought struggle was a part of love. It’s what I witness from those around me. I didn’t know any better then. When I lived and experienced, I realized that struggle doesn’t equate love.

Love isn’t supposed to be like pulling teeth.

We’ve tried. So many conversations. Promises that we followed through for a while. Couples counseling. Individual counseling. Things were better for a bit, but the fracture was still there. No matter how much we try to heal the fracture, the fracture remains.

We need to stop fighting the inevitable.

Accept the reality that’s biting at our ankles.

I know you feel like we failed as individuals. Failed our union. We aren’t failures. We entered our union with the purest intentions. Over time, we grew as we should. The love is still there. The love is what kept us trying to heal the fracture.

I respect you enough to pull the plug on us. I respect us too much to continue on like this. We deserve better than this. We need to make plans for our post-us lives. It’s going to be okay.

We’re going to be okay.

We’ll heal our fractured relationship.

Just not as wife and wife.

With all the love in my being,