Every idea has the potential to turn into something (blog post, short story, etc). Remembering these ideas is where things get a bit difficult. In a perfect world (giggles), you would get an idea and always have a way to record it. But since this world isn’t perfect, ideas are forgotten before they are recorded.

I’m always discovering new ways to remember the ideas that come to me at the not so great times (i.e., the shower…always the shower).

If you struggle with remembering the ideas that come to you, I have a few tips for you:


I have a thing for notebooks. There’s always one in my bag for brain dumping those ideas that can’t be properly captured on a phone. My favorite notebooks are the ones w/a pen loop and the elastic closure.

Sticky Notes

Have a stash of these just about everywhere (coffee table in living room, beside the bed, in the center console of my car, and in the bathroom)

Constant repetition (until I get somewhere to write it down)

Have you ever gotten a great idea buuutttt you have nothing available to write it down with (this usually happens when I’m in the shower or driving)? The only way I can remember these ideas is to constantly repeat the idea until

WordPress App

If I’m not pressed for time and the idea pertains to a blog post, I brain dump the idea into the WordPress app as a draft. There, I can assign a category and tags.

How do you remember ideas? What methods worked for you and didn’t work for you? I’d love to hear from you.

Write On,