You want to start a blog on WordPress.

You know your niche and ideal audience.

You already have some blog posts written and some in-progress.

But where do you start?

Starting a blog involves a lot. Figuring out a domain, hosting provider, themes, plugins…the list goes on and on.

Oh, and how do you share the blog posts that you wrote?

I had all of these thoughts (and then some) when I started using years ago. There were definitely moments where the desire to quit was strong.

Instead, I persevered. Through trial and error, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) ways to help my blogs work effectively.

In 2019, something clicked. I had conversations with people (online and in-person) who wanted to start blogs but they didn’t know where to start.

I answered their blogging questions. Made suggestions for plugins to use. Suggested a hosting company based on my own experience.

It was that feeling where you realize you have information and experience that is of value to a few folks. If a few folks see value in it, so would others right?

I bring you Just Starting Blogging: A Guide. I took all that I know thus far and put it into a concise guide for those who want to blog on but want to make the process a bit less stressful. In this guide, I share my favorite plugins, discuss creating color palettes, share my favorite methods for sharing blog posts and my favorite blogging resources. There’s so much more in this guide that I haven’t mentioned.

The guide is available You can find a link to the guide here on the website. If you want to go straight to my Etsy page, click here.

Thank you Amber for the swift kick in the behind🌝

Write On,