I love newsletters that speak to me, not at me. They give you that gentle push to do better, be better. They also give me that much-needed reassurance that I’m doing just fine.

When I decided to write this blog post, two newsletters immediately came to mind: Mattie Minute by Mattie James and Weekly Letters by Jen Carrington

Mattie Minute arrives in inboxes Monday-Friday. The emails are short so you can absorb them in a minute or less. Awesome right? The perspective that her emails provide have me saying I’ve had several “You better speak my life Mattie” moments while reading her perspective on business and life in general. That’s my favorite thing about Mattie Minute.

Weekly Letters arrives in inboxes each Sunday. In her letters, Jen motivates and shares nuggets of her personal life, including lessons she’s learned as a creative. I love the transparency that Jen provides in her letters. That’s something I not only appreciate but crave as a creative.

What newsletters do you subscribe to? How do they benefit you?

Write on,