Twitter is one of the best free resources on the internet. Writers from newbies to veterans will find the website While scrolling through my timeline, I got the idea to share some of my favorite Twitter accounts for writers. Enjoy!

Writer’s Digest (@WritersDigest)

If there’s one Twitter account that you should follow, it’s Writer’s Digest. Like their awesome magazine and website, their timeline features tweets on querying tips,  writing and publishing tips, & writing prompts. An example of their awesomeness is a recent tweet about 100 writing and publishing tips from their 2018 annual conference.

Stephen King (@StephenKing)

Stephen King’s imagination and storytelling ability captured me at an early age. When I discovered he was on Twitter, I couldn’t follow him fast enough. Topics mentioned in his tweets include writing wisdom, sports, politics, and a healthy sprinkle of humor.

Just Publishing Advice (@JustPublishing)

If you’ve ever considered self-publishing, following Just Publishing Advice is a must! In addition to self-publishing advice, Just Publishing Advice also tweets about new book recommendations, writing software, grammar, writing tips, and book promotion.

Jon Winokur (@AdviceToWriters)

In my humble opinion, a writer can never have enough *good* writing wisdom. The Twitter account for Advice to Writers has plenty of great writing wisdom with useful writing tips. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing a few of these tweets down in a notebook and/or on sticky notes. Oh, and did I mention there’s a website too?

That concludes my favorite Twitter accounts for writers. Are there writing-related Twitter accounts that you follow? I would love to know about them.

Write On,