It takes me forever to finish a physical book and that’s IF I finish it (stares at the pile of unfinished books in front of me). Why? Laziness and my inability to prioritize reading. Once I acknowledged the problem, I could work on the solution.


I downloaded the Libby app. Once I linked my library card to the app, I checked out my library’s selection of audiobooks. I wanted to share a few pros and cons based on my experiences so far:


  • Great to listen while driving, working, and/or cleaning.
  • Focus more on the plot/storyline versus the narrator.


  • Narrator’s voice doesn’t align with what you feel the voice should sound like.
    • I won’t lie, most of the time, the narrator can make or break an audiobook.
  • Can’t speed read like a print book.
    • You can adjust the playback speed of the audiobook, but I find it hard to keep up when the narrator’s voice is faster than conversation speed (I hope that makes sense).

Do you listen to audiobooks? If yes, what are your pros and cons? If no, what’s keeping you from trying audiobooks out? Let’s chat!

Until next time,