There’s no standard when it comes to self-care. It can be face masks and soaks in hot baths. Or nestled with a cozy blanket, a good book, and your drink of choice. Or my fave, a nap.

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As a creative, self-care is mandatory if I want to avoid creative burnout. My self-care practice sometimes involves face masks, Netflix, and wine. One thing that’s consistent in my self-care practice is:

Unplugging & Rest

I work full-time. Each week from Monday to Wednesday, I’m pretty productive on my creative endeavors. When Thursday rolls around, I begin to get mentally fatigued. I’d try to power through it, just to end up exhausted on the sofa.

Since this pattern repeats itself weekly, I now dedicate at least one day in the week where I unplug and rest. I won’t touch my laptop, but I’ll use my phone to browse Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sometimes, I won’t mess with social media either when unplugging.

If my mind and/or body need more than one day of unplugging/rest, I listen.

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