Today is Katrina’s last day as an intern. For six weeks, she’s failed miserably at her tasks and has shown no desire to improve. However, she’s the social butterfly of the office. 

I’m reviewing the paperwork HR submitted to me for Katrina’s dismissal. Everything looks good. Once I sign it, I’ll attach it to the email I drafted for her professor. Staff begins to arrive, including my assistant Bryan.

“Morning! Here’s your tea,” he announces, placing the cup on my desk. “What’s on the agenda today?”

“I’m firing Katrina.”

He gasps, then catches himself.

“You finally had enough of her shenanigans?”

“Yes,” I respond, sipping my tea.

“Do you have boxes for her?”

“I do not. Could you grab two? She’ll be here within the next half hour. Security should be too.”

Bryan gasps…again.

“You called security on her?”

I stare at him. I try to fix my face, but I’m stunned by his question.

“Do you really think she’s going to take the news well?”

“Absolutely not,” he says, heading out of my office. 

“Be right back.”

He returns less than five minutes later with the boxes.

He comes back with the boxes.

“Katrina is here and security is on the other end of the hall.”


I get up, smooth over the front of my dress, and take the boxes from Bryan.

“Stay here by my phone in case we need more security.”

“Yes ma’am,” he responds, positioning my chair towards the glass wall so he can see.

I walk to Katrina’s cubicle, placing the boxes in the empty cubicle beside Katrina’s. She has on earphones and can’t hear me coming. I tap the side of her cubicle wall to get her attention.

“Good morning,” she says, taking her earphones off.

“Good morning Katrina. Could we have a chat in the conference room?”


We walk down the hall to the conference room. I doubt she knows what’s coming. I glance to my right and see plainclothes security walking around. I open the conference room door.

“Have a seat.”

I sit across from her and take a deep breath. 

“Katrina, during your last quarterly evaluation, I informed you that if you didn’t improve, termination would be the next step.”

She nods in agreement.

“Since your quarterly, your weekly reviews have shown little improvement.”

“I think I’ve improved,” she snaps.

Stay calm, I remind myself.

“Katrina, how you feel you’re doing and how you’re actually doing aren’t the same in this case.”

She glares at me. I continue.

“With that being said, your time as an intern here has ended.”

“I need this internship to graduate!”

“I’m aware of that Katrina. However, if you were that concerned about your graduation, this conversation might be different.”

She jumps up, her chair rolling into the wall behind her.

“I need to get my things and get the fuck out of here.”

I stand and escort her back to her desk. Security is outside her cubicle. Katrina spins around to face me.

“You called security?! Really?! Were you expecting me to cause a scene?”

“What do you call this moment?”

She brushes past security and throws her personal items in the boxes. Staff members are looking and whispering to each other.  

“Stop speaking to me,” she blurts, throwing her ID badge in my direction. The security guard picks it up and hands it to me.

“You have five minutes,” I respond.

She packs the last of her items and walks with security towards the elevators. A few staff members follow her to say their goodbyes, but security keeps them within arm’s reach. 

Glad that this is over, I go to my office. Bryan and his thumbs are working overtime on his cell phone.

“Did you enjoy?”

Startled, his phone drops to the floor. 

“Something like that,” he responds, picking up his phone.

I exhale and motion for him to get up.

“Did you enjoy?” he asks.

“Something like that.”