Snapshot Storyteller | "The Story Length Struggle" | #amwriting #snapshotstoryteller #creativestoryteller #creative #storyteller #creativewriter #IWrite #WriteOnStory length is one of those storytelling components I obsess over. How long (or short) should it be? Should you stick to established word count or go rogue? Will anyone read it if it’s too long or too short?

Word count charts are helpful. Articles on the importance of word counts are also helpful. But like many things that are ingrained in us, word counts aren’t the end all be all.

A major downside of story length is that worrying about it can take away from the story itself. You don’t want to omit words or drag out the story just add length. You don’t want to risk the integrity of your story by omitting words or dragging out the story just to add length.

This is your story. You make the rules.

Write On,