As a creative, I try to be tuned in to what’s around me as a possible source of inspiration. However, sometimes, I can’t tap into inspiration no matter how hard I try. Those moments scare me as a writer because I never know how long I will be in this state of creative limbo.

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I wanted to share with you two tips that help me when I can’t tap into inspiration. I hope you find them useful.

Brain Dump

Usually, the reason why I can’t tap into inspiration is because I’m consumed by too many thoughts and I can’t focus. In those moments, I sit down with good ol’ pen and paper. I write down every single thing that’s in my head. Usually, this works and my mind is much more clear and ready to tap in. Another benefit is that sometimes what you write down during that brain dump may inspire you:)

Walk Away

This may sound a little out there, but walking away works for me. When I get stumped (whether it’s writing-related or not) and doing a brain dump isn’t helpful, I’ll close the laptop and/or close the notebook, and walk away. Removing myself from the situation gives me the chance to clear my head. When my head is clear, my creativity is allowed to flow again.

I hope those tips were helpful to you. If you have any tips on maintaining inspiration, I would love to hear about them. Feel free to share in the comments or on social media. I look forward to hearing them.

Write On,