When I created this blog in 2018, I knew what I wanted the blog’s layout to look like. However, I only had a few content ideas in the beginning. I took the time to develop the few ideas I had & made improvements on some things along the way.

It wasn’t all gravy though.

In the midst of me figuring out what was working, I made mistakes along the way. All of my mistakes taught me what not to do regarding my creative journey.

With that in mind, here’s what I won’t be doing in 2019:

Allowing fear to get the best of me.

Fear is a bitch! One moment, I’m feeling fantastic. At any given moment, Fear finds a way to get into my head, psyching me out. I abandoned a lot of ideas because I thought I wasn’t capable of accomplishing them.  That’s not happening in 2019.

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I spent most of last year putting things off. Why? Because I felt that it wasn’t the “right time”. I know that there’s no right time to do many things, including the things I put off.

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I’m excited to tackle 2019 with the lessons and wisdom I acquired in 2018. Did 2018 teach you things that you won’t repeat in 2019? I’d love to hear about them.

Write On,