One evening, while on Twitter,  a question came down my timeline:

What is a real writer?

My initial thought was to answer the question in a series of rant-like tweets, but that would be a knee-jerk reaction.  Instead, I took some time and gave the question some thought. As the answer came to me, I decided that my response would be best as a blog post.

I want to work backward and mention two things that don’t make a writer: money and traditional publishing. You can never make a dime as a writer and that doesn’t negate you as a writer. You can also self-publish and be just as successful as someone who has a traditional publisher. Isn’t the point of self and traditional publishing is to get your work to potential readers?

So what makes a real writer Joy?

[tweetshare tweet=”The moment you start writing,  you are a writer. ” username=”EJQWSk2yRmgitoMEKYNNr6fTr5BCHbRt:1:0″]

Simple and to the point, just the way writing should be.

Write On,