COVID-19 aka Rona is doing a hell of a 2-step on my nerves. At the time I published this, Virginia is under a stay at home order until June 10.

I’m now working at home, which I love. That may be one of the few bright spots of this pandemic. When I’m not working my 9-5, I’m looking for the best deals on basic household items. Speaking of being at home every day, I’m struggling to work on my list of creative projects.

I don’t like feeling the way I do. If I don’t get a hold on it, I’ll end up on Depression Drive and I reeaalllyyy don’t want to turn that corner. So I *gently* force myself to work through it.

I limit the amount of news I watched. It’s helping so much. I don’t stack my to-do list with all of the things. If I can do 2-3 important things on my list per day, great. If I can only do one thing on my to-do list, great.

I also practice self-care in the form of listening to audiobooks, taking naps, and allowing myself to do absolutely nothing. Doing any of these things helps me clear my mind, which helps me tap into my creativity.

In the midst of everything that’s happening, please be gentle with yourself.

Write on,