It’s easy for me to get distracted when I’m writing. Between social media, TV, and my own thoughts, it’s damn near impossible to remain focused. Oh, and one more thing. If I don’t get a handle on distraction, I end up with another nightmare: writer’s block.

To combat these distractions, I listen to instrumental music. Some of my favorite instrumental playlists on Spotify are Symphonies: Where to Start, Calm Vibes, Classical New Releases: Spotify Picks, and Piano Comfort.

An added benefit of these playlists is that sometimes, I’ll get inspired to write a story or poem. Because if there’s one thing you cannot have enough of as a writer, it’s ideas, right? The only downside to that is that the new idea is so good that I’ll abandon what I’m working on the explore the idea. It’s a never-ending cycle for me.

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Don’t forget, trial and error are part of the journey. Be good to yourself.

Write On,